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Valor Paytech

Cost-Efficient and Innovative Do-All Solutions


Traditional, mobile, and online gateway solutions.

Customer Management

Manage your customer information through your terminal.

Built-In Help

Send problems right to tech support via the POS.

Valor Merchant Services, the Future of Payment Technology

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Digital Signatures

All of your sales receipts with customer signatures are digitalized and stored in case you need them.

Paperless Receipts

Allow your customers to receive their receipts via text or email to help reduce your paper costs.

Auto Fallback Design

If the VL100 detects an internet interruption, it will automatically fall back to a proxy connection.


Wireless Features

4G capability, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are all standard in this mobile device.

Extended Battery Life

The long-lasting 2100mAh battery keeps processing in your business continuous.

Add-on Options

Enhance your mobile experience with accessories like Privacy Shield or a Charging Cradle.


Lightning Fast

The VL500 is powered on Android 9.0 with a high-speed quad-core processor.

Full Touchscreen Interface

The 5.5″ color touch screen display includes a virtual keypad with PIN support.

Included Features

Take advantage of additional features such as a front-facing camera and rear barcode reader.

Valor Handheld POS Solutions For Restaurants and More

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