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Payment processing is constantly taking on new forms. With every technological leap made or industry trend standardized, a flood of new devices and accessories emerges. With a nearly 100% approval rate, the expert team at Bryte excels in matching your business with the best industry-leading point-of-sale solutions.

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Bryte serves a wide variety of businesses nationwide with solutions ranging from ultra-portable handheld devices to fully integrated countertop systems. By continually researching and training on the latest equipment and software, you’re guaranteed a solution specifically designed for your business needs.

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Food Industry

Managing your restaurant has never been easier. Many of our solutions go beyond credit card processing offering features that help you save and grow while managing your employees every step of the way.

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Find a great point-of-sale system that also has a built-in inventory system! Our solutions simplify product management while offering features like multi-register mode, earning reports, and much more.

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Powering digital storefronts is only the beginning of our online solutions. With Bryte, you can send customers invoices, take payments through your custom-branded portal, and set up recurring payments for services.

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Saves You MoneyManages Your Menu / InventoryAllows Custom InvoicesHas Built in Tech SupportAllows Customer Management

Is Tailored For Your Business

We’ve done the research, read the reviews, and completed the hands-on testing for you. Let us assist you in finding the right solution for your business.

Reduce Your Fees

Businesses across America are virtually eliminating their payment processing fees with a new program we’ve designed.

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We’re experts on every POS solution we offer. We work directly with point of sale companies for on-site training.

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While you may have trouble speaking to a live person with other companies, you’re never left alone in the dark with Bryte.

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Discover new POS features or watch an unboxing of the latest terminals from top brands all posted on our social media.

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At Bryte, we take a different approach to business. While some companies grow at the expense of their client experience, we’ve become one of the top providers of merchant services in the industry while continuing to grow and expand our operations all over the nation. No matter how many innovations we develop to support your business, we never forget that our clients are the essence of everything we do and why we do it.

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