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#1 POS for Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs

Simple and Reliable POS for restaurants, bars, and nightclubs

HotSauce Technologies has been the leading software provider for hospitality applications serving restaurants, bars, and nightclubs since 1998.

HotSauce is SIMPLE

HotSauce includes the essentials for any restaurant, bar, or nightclub and makes them intuitive, quick, and seamless.

HotSauce is RELIABLE

HotSauce isn’t cloud-based, meaning it’s available offline with zero latency and offers better security. HotSauce has been running since the 90s with fewer outages compared to cloud-based competitors.

Efficient Ordering

Easily manage the most complicated orders, whether you need to transfer tickets to other users, change tables, split checks, add discounts, update gratuity and taxes, or handle various other tasks.

Fast Bar

Create an order and process the tender one one screen. This is mostly used in a fast pace bar environment but can be used for quick service restaurants.

Table Tracking

Manage the tables in your restaurant to see which tables are occupied, which are vacant, and how many people are at each table.

Flexible Discount

Eliminate up to 100% of your merchant’s processing fees by rewarding cash paying customers.

Bar Tabs

Hold customer information to enable continued addition to an open check without opening a table.

Recipe Availability

Make servers aware of what ingredients are in each dish to help with customers’ allergies. Allows bartenders to check and print drink recipes if they are unfamiliar.

Guest Loyalty & Gift Cards

Track customer sales to allow them to accumulate points that they can redeem for goods and/or services provided by your business. Control your own internal gift card program and track purchases and amounts.

Multiple Print Zones

Set items to only print to their specific station in the kitchen without including all items on the order.

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