Take Charge POS

A Fully Cloud-Based Commerce System


EMV & PCI Compliant + employee permissions.


Real-time terminal-centric reporting built in.

White Labeling

ISO groups and merchants can rebrand Take Charge POS for their own brand.

Take Charge of Your Processing with the Non-Cash Adjustment Fee

Take Charge POS offers your merchants a terminal unlike any other. Powered by the PAX Android Series, Take Charge POS is an affordable and simple-to-use point-of-sale system. All of this is on top of saving on your processing through the non-cash adjustment fees. Not sure how this program works? We can help! Give our team a call to learn more.

The power of an android terminal makes it possible for cloud-based real-time terminal-centric reporting, and other great value-added features such as employee time clock, inventory, and modifiers plus much more.

Each ISO and merchant gets their own robust portal with full app customization features and real-time reporting available from the web. Any terminal can be updated and controlled in real-time from the cloud through the Control Panel. Manage employees, track records of previous batches, and manage app settings from any desktop or mobile device.

Grow Your Business


Take Charge POS is the go-to POS solution for small, family-owned, or independent businesses.

Business Management


Within the Take Charge dashboard, you’ll find all the tools you need to manage your business better.

Take Charge Cloud Based, Smart Mobile POS Solutions

Discover the compact and portable smart mobile POS devices that Take Charge offers below through PAX. A built-in cellular network means your business can be more flexible than ever. If you’re unsure which option to go with, give our team a call, and we’ll help you!


This SmartMobile PIN device is secure and lightweight for easy payments where you need it.


Powered by Android, this pocket-sized device offers various communication options so you can stay connected.

PAX A920

The A920 is a full-featured Android device both powerful and elegant with a 5″ IPS touchscreen.

Take Charge and PAX are a great match!

Our team can get you started by installing Take Charge on any of our PAX devices for you.

PAX E500

PAX E800

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