Remote Billing Made Simple

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Mobile App

Bundled with the mobile app at no extra cost.

Recurring Payments

Allow recurring payments for your services.

Offline Transactions

Keep your business running even when you’re internet isn’t.

Swipesimple Merchant Services

Our SwipeSimple merchant services and solutions allow you to get started in the payment processing industry with only a computer. There’s no need for extra equipment or special accessories, everything can be set up and managed with a computer and an internet connection.

SwipeSimple is a popular solution in the merchant services industry serving over 95,000 merchants. The backend dashboard displays various insights along with settings.

If SwipeSimple is the right solution for you, you’ll also receive their mobile app at no additional cost. This mobile app allows payments to be taken on smartphones and PAX devices for mobile payment processing.

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A Simple Solution


SwipeSimple is one of the easiest introductions in the payment processing world.

Backend Dashboard


Use powerful tools in your backend dashboard to track purchases, edit customer info, and more.

Take Payments Anywhere with SwipeSimple

SwipeSimple allows you to take payments on the go via PAX or on your phone using the mobile app. If you’re unsure which option to go with, give our team a call, and we’ll help you!


This SmartMobile PIN device is secure and lightweight for easy payments where you need it.

PAX A920

The A920 is a full-featured Android device both powerful and elegant with a 5″ IPS touchscreen.

Mobile Devices

Download the SwipeSimple Mobile App for iOS or Android and take payments using your phone.

SwipeSimple and PAX are a great match!

Our team can get you started by installing SwipeSimple on many of our PAX devices for you.

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PAX A920


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