Dejavoo POS

Efficient and Time-Saving POS Solutions

Simple Transactions

Speedy transactions and to-the-point features.

Tip Adjustment

As well as tipping at the time of sale.

Linked Transactions

Link transaction numbers to your servers.

Cloud Systems and Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Dejavoo offers traditional, smart, gateway, and mobile point of sale solutions all designed to bring your business to the next level. Take transactions, add tips, and batch reports on ethernet, WIFI, or SIM.

A clean and simplistic interface makes Dejavoo units great for first-time business owners. Their cloud systems and backend dashboard bring a speed and seamless design to payment processing.

Dejavoo stays competitive by providing sought-after features for a tremendous value which its merchants benefit greatly from.

Dejavoo Z1


This small hand-held device includes a PIN pad making this unit a flexible option.

Dejavoo Z8


The Dejavoo Z8 keeps you connected while allowing multiple payment options and custimization.

Dejavoo Z9


Take transactions on 4G and print directly from your device.

Dejavoo Z11


The built-in touch screen of the Dejavoo Z11 simplifies signature capture.

Mobile POS Solutions For Table Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, and More

Dejavoo’s line of mobile solutions all have an upgraded, modern interface. These devices are equipped with WIFI and SIM options, perfect for merchants that need to take payments on the move. If you’re unsure which option to go with, give our team a call, and we’ll help you!

QD2 Mobile

The QD2 is the perfect solution for the DejaPayPro system which includes features like a portable menu and live table ordering.

P5 Handheld

Equipped with Bluetooth, WIFI, and 4G, this handheld wireless Android device takes contactless, chip, and pin transactions.

P3 Handheld

The P3 Handheld/PIN Pad offers many of the same features as the P5, but also includes a printer and dedicated keyboard.

Enhance your experience!

These great Dejavoo accessories are designed to enhance your POS setup.



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