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Ready Solutions

Pre-certified and ready to address your needs.

OS Support

Including Android, Linux, and Windows.

Tech Docs

Technical documentation for every project.

Payment Integrations with Omni-Channel Payments Designed For Developers

We offer you the gateway to simpler & faster payment integrations. We speak your language and we know software development and what developers need to make their lives easier.

Developers Working on Code

Between documentation, sample code, helpful examples, and a self-service sandbox, we’ve got development down to a formula. Add in our knowledgeable technical support team to assist with payments, and you have the best team in the industry.

Comprehensive technical documentation is created to ensure fast development.
A self-service sandbox so changes can be tested before going live.
Our in-house technical support team is a master of payment technology.

POS & Automated Payments SDK

Whether you use Android, Linux or Windows, we have an off-the-shelf SDK waiting for you. Speed up your releases and avoid lengthy certifications by using our pre-certified abstraction layer for all your needs.

Which includes Android, Linux, and Windows.
Various form factors to suit many environments.
Quick solutions to address your needs that require little development time.
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Our team is ready to assist you in finding the right solution for your business while saving you money on every transaction!